Boat insurance quotes
Motor Boat, Yacht, Dinghy insurance
Motor Boat Insurance
There is nothing like the thrill of racing over the open waters and feeling the power of your boat's engine take you roaring through the waves. Knowing that you are properly protected by motor boat insurance in case of catastrophe will make your day on
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Narrowboat Insurance
Narrowboating is a wonderful way to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the British canals. Whether you are living aboard your narrowboat or just taking it out for pleasure trips on the weekends, a good narrowboat insurance policy is essential. While cruising the inland waterways Continue reading

Boat Insurance
The wind in your hair, the roar of the waves – owning a boat is like nothing else. While the joys are plentiful, so are the responsibilities, and the responsibility of purchasing boat insurance can be a daunting task for many. From liability coverage amount to claim settlements to knowing Continue reading

Yacht Insurance
A yacht is the epitome of luxury, and yacht ownership is a dream come true for the select few. Imagine, however, if disaster strikes – fire, theft, collisions, and other types of damage can be a financial, physical, and emotional catastrophe without the proper precautions. Continue reading